AUCC Optimizing Innovation Conference Keynote

The City and The University:
A Partnership for Innovation

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Good evening – thank you for that kind introduction, David.

I am delighted to be here to address this wonderful and distinguished audience.

I am particularly happy to acknowledge, Ambassador Barak, Esteemed guests from Israel and Germany, Parliamentarians, and Members of the civil service.

It is a tremendous privilege to offer this keynote address.

“Innovation” is very much one of the dominant memes of the day. It is in the news so often, it is easy to forget it wasn’t always so. A quick search produced 32,531 books with the word ‘innovation’ in the title. And I suspect every AUCC institution has at least one class or program or facility with the words “Innovation” or “Creativity” in its title.

Yet for all of this attention, innovation remains a somewhat elusive concept. There is much we still don’t know.

But I want to argue this evening that at least one thing about innovation is absolutely clear: Universities and cities are critical partners in stimulating innovation and driving prosperity.

Download the full text and slides as a PDF…