Canada First Research Excellence Fund Announcement

Title slide Photo credit: PMO photo by Jason Ransom

Remarks at the official launch of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund competition
Professor Meric Gertler, President of the University of Toronto

Prime Minister, on behalf of the University of Toronto, and on behalf of my colleagues at universities and colleges across the country: Thank you for sharing this very exciting news with us, and thank you for your government’s leadership in the advancement of globally competitive, Canadian research and innovation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Canada First Research Excellence Fund will enable Canada’s leading institutions of advanced research to compete, and win, on the global stage. Building this capacity is crucial in fostering the culture of innovation we need, to create good jobs and long-term prosperity. Today’s research excellence leads to tomorrow’s discoveries, from which new products and services, new jobs, and even entirely new industries will emerge.

As the Prime Minister noted, through the recent years of global economic uncertainty the government has made research and innovation a key priority. Now the government has taken a big, bold step forward. The Canada First Research Excellence Fund is not only a major breakthrough in public policy – it represents a new horizon for breakthroughs in cutting-edge research, leading to a better quality of life for all Canadians, for generations to come.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge colleagues past and present in the leadership of Canada’s universities and colleges, including my immediate predecessor as president of U of T, whose creativity and dedication helped bring us to this day. Most of all, Prime Minister, I thank you and your government again for your commitment to world-leading, Canadian research excellence.

Watch the video of the President’s remarks:

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