Toronto and Hong Kong: A Tale Of Two Regions

Address to the Hong Kong Canada Chamber of Commerce

Thank you Ms Ho for those kind words. It is an honour and a privilege to address this distinguished body, and to be introduced by such a distinguished alumna.

Special thanks to Mr. David Nesbitt, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for the invitation to speak to you this afternoon. I also want to acknowledge the presence of Canada’s Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau, J. Ian Burchett. …

By way of a quick overview, my talk today, of course, is about two urban regions – Hong Kong and Toronto – regions that differ sharply in many ways, but also have much in common including some shared history.

But I want to begin with some personal history. Most Canadians have a romantic vision of Hong Kong. But the dynamism of this special region really came to my attention as a 19 year old, first year medical student way back in 1974. Twenty percent of my classmates at the University of Toronto medical school were from Hong Kong.

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