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A collection of addresses, statements, and messages from President Meric Gertler


June 28, 2021

‘Thank you and have a great summer’: President Meric Gertler salutes U of T community



December 9, 2020

President Meric Gertler wishes good health and happiness for the U of T community now and in the year to come.



November 26, 2020

President Meric Gertler connects virtually with alumni to share news and provide updates on the progress of the University during a particularly challenging year.



November 26, 2020

The University of Toronto is the presenting sponsor of the Royal Society of Canada’s Celebration of Excellence and Engagement. In this video address, President Meric Gertler welcomes participants to “The Legacy of Insulin Discovery: Origins, Access, and Translation.”



September 3, 2020

University of Toronto President Meric Gertler is welcoming new and returning students, faculty, staff and librarians to the start of a new academic year unlike any other.



May 9, 2020

Message from President Gertler to the University of Toronto community. It’s the challenges we face that make us strong. This is U of T.