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National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

A Message from the President

Twenty-five years on, the violence against women committed on December 6, 1989 is no less shocking. And it is no less a challenge to our society.

We get a sense of this persistent challenge from the daily headlines. We learn the vast extent of it from researchers and service providers. Many members of our communities know it from deeply painful experience. Many others know it as a general but ever-present threat which might be realized at any time.

The challenge of violence against women is felt in a particular way on our campuses and on campuses across the country. A university is a place of learning; it is also necessarily a place of inclusion and respect for the rights and dignity of others. Violence against women is therefore especially abhorrent and intolerable to members of the University community.

We stand united against violence against women on campus and in our society. We recognize that it extends well beyond its most blatant and deadly forms. And we remain committed to ongoing, collaborative, and comprehensive efforts to address it.

In commemorating the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, we reaffirm that commitment, in solidarity with survivors and those still struggling to survive, and in the hope of building a more just society for all.


Meric S. Gertler