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Statement on Recent Acts of Anti-Semitism

The University of Toronto’s St George campus has recently witnessed blatant acts of anti-Semitic vandalism. We deplore these abhorrent acts. We will support those affected, investigate or assist in the investigation of apparent crimes, and forward any evidence to the Toronto Police for their assessment.

We reaffirm our collective and unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is, of course, a moral imperative and one of the University of Toronto’s core values. It is also a cornerstone of outstanding scholarship, teaching, and learning which can thrive only by embracing the broadest range of people and encouraging the free expression of their diverse perspectives.

Anti-Semitism, racism, and discrimination subvert the entire community, not just those targeted. Fittingly, the University of Toronto responds as a community – led by our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We will continue to confront anti-Semitism, racism, faith-based discrimination, and all other forms of discrimination directly, with education, commitment and compassion.

Meric S. Gertler

Cheryl Regehr
Vice-President and Provost