Sunshine floods through a series of skylights hidden in an oddly shaped ceiling.

Trinity College Matriculation Convocation

Chancellor Graham, Provost Moran, Chancellor Wilson, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

I am honoured – and delighted – to bring greetings to the Trinity College community, as President of the University of Toronto.

To the members of the matriculating Class of 2018, welcome! We are so pleased that you have chosen to share the adventure of this next stage in your life with us. As Trinity students, you enjoy the benefits of “dual citizenship” of both this storied College and the University of Toronto. I encourage you to exercise that citizenship to the fullest. And I look forward, with the rest of the University community, to seeing your talent and leadership unfold over the next four years.

I would like to offer a special word to Charles Baillie, who is to be recognized later in this ceremony. Mr. Baillie, in your long record of leadership in Canadian business and philanthropy, you have brought honour to us, as an alumnus.

You have been a loyal volunteer and supporter of your alma mater, and you advanced the cause of higher education through your service as Chancellor of our great sister institution in Kingston. On behalf of the University of Toronto, I extend my warmest congratulations.

Ladies and gentlemen, of course I would also like to recognize Provost Moran.

I had the privilege of beginning my term as President of U of T with Dean Moran at the helm of our Faculty of Law. Before that, as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, I witnessed and benefitted from her outstanding collegiality and creative energy. She has left the Faculty of Law renewed and strengthened – as the splendid Jackman Law Building now rising next door will testify for future generations. And she has entered the Provost’s Office at Trinity ready to bring this great College to new heights, as we approach its – and our – third century.

Trinity College plays a leading role in the life and culture of our city and indeed our country. In this, it is an indispensible element of U of T’s strength as Canada’s leading institution of advanced research and higher education.

Mayo Moran’s predecessors in the Provost’s Office form an illustrious company. Knowing her, and knowing her record of accomplishment to date, I am certain that she will be a brilliant addition to that company.

And so, in conclusion, I congratulate Provost Moran, and the entire community of Trinity College, on this exciting and happy day.

And I thank her, and all of you, for your partnership in the University of Toronto.

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